Battle For The Cowl

Its called PERS which stands for Parrellel Eye Rolling System.  Its Hot Toys’ patented method of being able to effectively pose the eyes on a given figure.  And I hate it.  Okay, okay, “hate” is a strong word, but I find its  only cool on a select few figures that have it.  Bruce Lee comes to mind.  Jack Sparrow is another I would think benefits from it, but Batman… er, not so much.   Add to that the fact that their latest Nolanverse Batman came looking like he had big sock puppet googly eyes, and something inevitably had to be done.

As it were I had already made a relief cast of the Bruce Wayne head sculpt that came with the figure in order to make him an additional mouth plate. So I decided to take a look at what the eyes from that sculpt might look like under the stock cowl.  With the aid of jeweler’s flathead, and little hot water, I gutted the innards of the stock cowl and removed the PERS plate.


Afterward the eyes were trimmed from the resin face and sanded down until it fit in place.

Lastly I secured it with Paly-Doh and molded/cast the whole thing as one.

And now I have a Nolan Bats worthy of my shelf.

ut WAIT there’s MORE!!!

You too can be a part of the Atomic Madness:

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