METALHEAD! (Part the second)


As I said in the heart warming story of making my custom Doc Magnus figure, I was beholden to at least one other person for making my Doc dreams come true.  And so, as a small token of my affections and appreciations, I made him a Doc Magnus head.


Then, another friend said how he always hoped to have a Doc head.  Well, truth be told: he said how he always hoped to have a Doc head wanted me to make him a Doc figure.  That was all fine and good until it took me an entire spool of pinstripe tape to get the d@mn thing done.  I offered him the Doc head and asked my pal Burn (of the Doom Patrol Chief head project) to paint the body.  Being lovely, Burn said “yes” but then revealed HIS hopes for having a Doc head, too.

You get the idea.

Thus, as the first of my six head projects, I have made a bunch of Doc Magnus heads.

And some extras.

Do you need a Doc Magnus head?

As a caveat, I will say that the Doc Head is a bit unique because it includes the neck.  For the sake of being a bit dense, that means there is no articulation at the neck, yes?  My best advice is to remove the neck of the DCUC suit buck right at the line of the shirt collar.  The picture below gives a sense of that with an early head version that I hadn’t finished the neck sculpt:


Drop me a line.  Burn would probably paint you a figure, if you asked nicely and sent it to him along with something for his time.

A WORD OF WARNING: If I ever catch wind of anyone making this:


I will be very, very cross.

UPDATE: Ooh! Rocko just made a new shiny ATOMIC WANDERERS chat room! Sign up for my stuff at the new Atomic Deane’s Thread of Many Wonders:


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5 responses to “METALHEAD! (Part the second)

  1. Wayne Chacun

    I would LOVE to buy a doc magnus head.

  2. Rod Miller

    Yeah, that would free my Captain Marvel head back up for…maybe Space Ranger. What else are we looking at, and I can send you a big check all at once?

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