Kenner Super Powers pt. 1: The Dynamic Duo

It’s one of the most revered toylines ever produced and arguably my favorite.  After a pretty solid run in the hands of the Mego Corporation the DC Comics license eventually found it’s way to Kenner who had achieved rock star status with their Star Wars line.   Dubbed simply “The Super Powers Collection”, Kenner’s toyline consisted of a myriad of assorted heroes and about as many villains from the pages of DC Comics.  Each figure featured premium sculpting and paintwork especially for the time as well as “super powered action feature”; hence the name Super Powers.

Here and there we’ll be taking a look at the major players from the line as well as some second- and third-string goodness.  But tonight I’m kicking it off with two my favorites:

Batman and Robin

The World’s Greatest Detective

sp batman

The Boy Wonder

sp robin (5)

The Batcave

SP Batman & Robin 3

“Atomic Batteries to power.  Turbines to speed.”

SP batman and Robin (2)

Blue Beauty.

Batmobile fav 5

A little Boil & Pop custom fun

Batman Unmasked


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4 responses to “Kenner Super Powers pt. 1: The Dynamic Duo

  1. One of the greatest Christmas mornings of my life was the one where I got all these guys. From the Garcia Lopez card art to the sleek and simple design of the figures themselves, this is my DC.

    Sadly, never to return.

  2. Xander Martin

    This line more than anything else really made me a DC. Color-wise they are an eye-catching bunch of figures in any quantity, and the sculpts are phenomenally on point for 1984.

  3. I found the comics a bit disappointing in comparison when I first came into contact with them. I remember thinking “Why is this called Detective Comics?” Even as a kid I knew Super Powers was a superior toyline to Secret Wars, but my first Marvel comics were choice. I’m not a company devoted man, but I leaned that way.

  4. Rod Miller

    I picked up several of these guys and Secret Wars off and on, but I graduated in 1985 and it wasn’t a big deal to me by then. Mego is the line of my childhood, but the possibilities in a line this scale were great.

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