A Tumble(r) in the snow!

Here in Detroit Rock City, we have a bit of snow and some of the coldest temperatures in recorded history.  What to do with everything shut down and you can’t leave the house?

You crack open the model vault!

Japan’s Bandai Company is the world’s third largest toy manufacturer, second to MATTEL and HASBRO.  They also make some amazing model kits and, if you aren’t a model making enthusiast, you need to know that Japan takes model making very seriously.

With the advent of Chris Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS, Bandai decided to release a series of Batmobile model kits from recent films.  First up was the Tumbler:


The best thing about this kit was how nothing looked like a Batmobile:

Nothing at all that resembles a car. More like an origami project!

The instructions called for a basic body color of Midnight Blue (85%)+ Blue (10%) + White (5%).  Scale model experts call for a small degree of white added to a color to add a sense of haze and distance into scale perspective.  I loaded up the airbrush and went for it.  Afterwards, I grabbed my copy of BATMOBILE: A Complete History, my gold and silver paint, and added in the details for this beast.


The kit is assembled around the cockpit out, starting with the front end:


The parts were machined so tightly, I didn’t need glue until I applied the spoilers.

Image All in all, this kit took about an hour or so to make.  It turned out great!


HOTWHEELS put out a Bat-Pod when they released several waves of Bat-vehicles a few years back.  It is *almost* large enough to fit 1/35, although it would need a good paint job:


Bandai also produced the Batmobiles from the 1989 film as well as BATMAN FOREVER.  Sadly, they didn’t have the rights to the 1966 car nor did they finish with the Batmobile from BATMAN AND ROBIN, which I actually love.  The Tumbler kit is well made, but very hard to find and very pricey ($150 USD these days).  An interesting advantage of 1/35 scale is that it is the preferred size for military enthusiasts, which means there are a lot of blown out buildings and street dioramas that would fit with this kit…


I had really feared this would be the only Tumbler model I would be able to get and wasn’t sure what I could do with the rest of my car collection being 1/24 scale.  Thankfully, an American company has come to the rescue with a HUGE (but affordable) 1/24 kit, with a bunch of cool add-ons.

Tune in next week:

same Tumbler time,

same Tumbler channel!

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