Playing Santa: A MARVELous Holiday!

Man, I tell you what: The wrong super-dude won the lawsuit.

Pound for pound, CAPTAIN MARVEL was the better comic than SUPERMAN.  In the beginning, it was More creative.  More fun.  More sales.  The just didn’t have the more better lawyers.

Recently MATTEL sold a Captain Marvel Family four pack of action figures and it contained a few surprises.


You got Billy and his older sister Mary, and they threw in evil Black Adam (with a cape, no less).  The set was rounded out with the ancient wizard, Shazam.  That’s kinda a different, as he dies while giving Billy his Captain Marvel powers- BIlly speaks the Wizard’s name to turn into Captain Marvel.  The wizard’s ghost still keeps in touch, and sends BIlly and Mary on adventures.  I think this is the first time Shazam has ever been made into a figure.

Usually, when someone says “The Captain Marvel Family”, they mean to add Junior.


Billy’s friend Freddy was injured by the evil Captain Nazi (these stories are old).  Billy asks the Wizard for his aid and when Freddy speaks the name of his hero, Captain Marvel, he turns into…


Captain Marvel Junior, who else?


So, you go watch your Superman movies all you want, but I will enjoy the MAN OF THUNDER.



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2 responses to “Playing Santa: A MARVELous Holiday!

  1. Agreed on all counts. Going with the wizard over Junior was a strange decision.

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