Playing Santa: A BRAVE & BOLD HOLIDAY!

Oh, the pitch-perfect wonder of the BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD show.  A fantastical re-invention of a childhood of bright colors and brighter imaginations driving the stories of Batman and his friends.  We couldn’t get enough of it, so of course it was cancelled.


The only disappointment?  Lousy toys.  Sure, toys designed with features that children could play with may appeal to children, but how am I going to develop my line of adult collectibles around that?  And, of course, NO WOMEN.

Thankfully, we fixed all that over at my other site, When Batmobiles Fly.  After perfecting a female buck, ideas started coming to mind about other heroines to join the B&B team.  Who better to start that off with than Black Canary?


Black Canary was trained by the legendary Wildcat and the Justice Society of America.  Eventually, she took off her mask and decided to fight crime on her own!


I decided to pay tribute to that moment in designing our Black Canary figure:


Eventually, Black Canary meets the brash Green Arrow and the two decide to team up.


This figure was a long time in coming and I hope the recipient enjoys it!  Our next heroine shouldn’t take as long to join the team!


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