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Once upon a time I used to take a lot of photos. Typically I was shooting toys from one era/company/line or another.  But the truth is I’ve always had a fascination with showcasing things through photos.  Unfortunately between work, and toys, and life I just don’t get to do it as often as I used to, and the truth is some days I really miss it. So I’ve decided to share a dozen of my favorites from the past few years, and I hope you dig them as much as I.

This one is both Nature photography as well as “Found Object” (possibly my favorite branch).  It still baffles me that it was cold long enough for water to sit and collect and eventually freeze into this perfect little glass-like leaf.


The bridge.  My Bridge.  The Cooper River Bridge to be exact leading into Charleston.  This is shot through the windshield on the passenger side while going underneath it.


There were about a dozen ducklings hastily being lead back into the water by their mother as I approached. This little guy was polite enough to stop and pose for a quick second or two.

Done on my patio in June of last year as a tribute to Ray Bradbury when he passed away.  Those familiar with his work will get it on instant.


One of those shots that’s been done a thousand times over by anyone with a macro lense.  I was never a big fan of this color from childhood to adulthood, but then I sort of accidentally discovered Red’s striking symbolism and the way it cuts through the rest of the spectrum like a knife when I was in art school.


More “Found Object”.  This was a queen-size mattress I found in the woods while shooting toys.  The branch is actually growing up through it.
Life found a way.


Admittedly it would probably look better in a black & white film noir style, but this is all about the colors for me.  The colors and the lines I suppose.


Again “Found Object” meets Nature.  Weather and vermin stripped this poor raccoon down to bone.  I just took the picture.

Admit it. You just cringed a little.  I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to whether or not this was staged.

Symmetry.  I don’t actually believe perfect symmetry exists in nature, but this cuts it pretty close.  Bonus points if you can spot the the owl. I didn’t the first time.


An abandoned gas station on Thanksgiving last year.  The Darth Vaders still kill me every time I ride by.


Lastly… Xan’s best friend. My favorite subject up until he passed away last January.  I could’ve shot him morning, noon, and night. And he’d have been sleeping in all three.

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