Playing Santa: Hell’s Boy!

Confession time: When it comes to their off-beat work, I’m more a Ditko man than a Kirby man.


I know THE DEMON, I have ready modern DEMON comic appearances, but I don’t think I’ve read Jack Kirby’s original series.


My only reference to Klarion, the Witch Boy is really the BATMAN NEW ADVENTURES animated episode that paid homage to “King” Kirby’s work.  That stuff was a-ok, so when someone asked Santa for a Witchboy from the cartoon, I thought I was set.  Turns out, Klarion also made a Halloween appearance in YOUNG JUSTICE.


 I wasn’t quite sure how to set out to make the Witch boy, because he looks really little in the BATMAN episode (roughly Tim Drake Robin size, which is small).  I proposed using YOUNG JUSTICE figures as my base, in part because the body types look like Klarion.  The young man agreed, so off I went to find Superboy and Robin figures.


Mostly, Klarion was put together with putty for the topcoat and tape for the tone on tone coat details.  It was hard to figure out if the coat had anything more than lapels.  I kept the grey details from Robin’s boots as something for contrast.  Looking at the picture, maybe he needs black fingernails?

Here’s hoping that we didn’t just revive BAD SANTA!


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3 responses to “Playing Santa: Hell’s Boy!

  1. He needs Teekl! So Young Justice figs work for, say, Stuff the Chinatown Kid, Jakeem Thunder, Wing?

  2. Rod Miller

    4″ like GI Joe? I figured the proportions were wrong.

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