Playing Santa: Give me a Red

When the young clerk behind the counter at DETROIT COMICS looked up at me and said, with his big round eyes, “All I want for Christmas is Nuke”, how could I refuse?


Nuke was a character created for the MARVEL UNIVERSE in the classic DAREDEVIL story “Born Again”.  A failed attempt to re-create the process that made the singular Captain America, Nuke is a super-strong mercenary for hire who appears to be delusional, controlled via three kinds of medication (reds, whites, and blues) by his handlers.  New York City is run by the corrupt gangster, the Kingpin of Crime.  He has purchased the secret identity of our intrepid hero Daredevil, and set out to ruin him.  His home destroyed, his career ruined, and left for dead, Daredevil refuses to give up.  Finally, the Kingpin tries one last time to kill Daredevil: He “Nukes” Hell’s Kitchen.


The wee lad at DETROIT COMICS knew what he wanted for Christmas: he handed me a recent Marvel Legends “Ultimate Captain America” with an alternate “Steve Rogers” head.   I stripped down the combat gear accessories and used the grinder on his gloves and hair.  A quick putty job gave him is buzz cut and evened out his hands.


 “Classic” Nuke doesn’t have much in the way of gear: he was usually shown with his rifle, self named “Betsy”, and maybe some ammo bands.  I re-attached the pistol and belt from the figure.  He still looks pretty good.


I’m not so sure about the re-worked forearms.  I’ll leave it up to our young man to see if he would rather me find a bare-armed figure that we could switch them out for.  He wants the combat vest back on the figure, but I just can’t do it.  Besides, it would obscure Santa’s hand-painted Nuke Nipples, and we can’t have that.  A quick dunk in some boiling water and the vest will go on easily enough.

I tried to put a flag decal on Nuke’s face, but the dimensions of the America Flag are completely incorrect for what artist David Mazzucchelli drew.  Santa busted out the teeny tiny brush, HTFU, and got the job done.

It was fast, it was fun, and it brightens up a little boy’s special day.

With a crazed killing machine action figure.

Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

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