Playing Santa: Ho Ho Ho Chris Burnham!

Manoman, but I love the “Batmen of Many Nations”.


In the Fifties, when Batman comics were pretty much pitched at a science-adventure-Superman target, the writers decided that Batman had an international coterie, inspired by his amazing career of vigilantism law enforcement. So Batman met the French Batman, Australian Batman, Batman UK… It was a hoot.


Sure enough, in 2012 writer Grant Morrison tweaked this idea in his book BATMAN INC., reviving the concept of an international Batman franchise. Artist Chris Burnham got in on the action, writing and designing a stand alone issue featuring the new Batman of Japan. Something about it looked… Familiar…


Chris had based his Batman of Japan from a classic Japanese show “Battle Type J”, where a group of international heroes team up to fight in color co-ordinaries uniforms (The USA was represented by the gal in pink). Akebono played the hero from Kenya, the source of inspiration for Chris.


I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a spare MATTEL Batman and sculpted the extra features out of clay, sheet styrene, and tape. I went for the Battle Type J length scarf.


By the end of the week, that picture was in Chris’ twitter feed and we exchanged some nice notes. He gave me some insight into his Black Bat design that I will incorporate into my figure, and how he thought of the scarf as more a nod to Speed Racer. Shortly thereafter, a nice picture arrived on my doorstep.


I love it. Chris has just made the move to Hollyweird to work on animating his own work and so Santa will be sure to get this to him in Tinseltown!


Thank you again, Chris!


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