Playing Santa: Silent Night, Final Night…

I love comics from the Nineties, in part because the moments of artistic brilliance were peppered with …intense fandom reaction.

I asked a hip young man, busting his ass to make his family right, what would be the one figure he’s always wanted.

I have no judgements about the answer.  Hey, baby- it’s someone’s dream figure.  If the Toy Faerie came and sat on your lap for a $20 and she gave you that figure, that one figure that you always wanted and this is what you wanted?

I say: Go with god.  Enjoy.  It’s not what I want the Toy Faerie to do be doing on my lap, but that’s what makes the world go around.

I think Geoff Johns would do good to remember this fact, from time to time.

I am a paint whore:  Look at these lovely lacquers!

Pop taught me how to use pin striping tape at an early age.  It sure beat the hell out of going to Third Grade…

Shoulder pads, etc, and we’re off to Santa Land:

And then it’s Jin-



Rock, baby.

Merry Christmas!

Grant’s bringing back the Nineties, Baby!


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3 responses to “Playing Santa: Silent Night, Final Night…

  1. Joseph F. Berenato

    Parallax may very well be my favorite costume design of all time.

  2. Joseph F. Berenato

    …I love fruitcake.

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