Atomic Two On One: Beastie Boys!

In our seventh installment of Atomic Two On One, Deane and Rod Keith give thanks to Silver Age DC Comics and remake Beast Boy!


Deane: This project is different from our past AToO works, because we really focused on redoing one figure…

Rod Keith: … a much loved figure…

Deane: … a much loved figure that was done by MATTEL very poorly…

Rod Keith: … horribly…

Deane: Yeah.

ImageRod Keith: It’s no secret that most folks aren’t happy with the mismatched Wave 10 Beast Boy. He’s basically the animated show “Teen Titans Go!” / Geoff Johns version, and he doesn’t fit much with any team that Mattel made.

Deane: Right.  Fans of the classic Teen Titans aren’t happy, nor are New Teen Titans collectors, and neither are Doom Patrol fans.

Rod Keith: And we love all three, right?


Deane: Straight up: I was a devoted New Teen Titans fan.  That book was my favorite, every month.  When they went after the killers of the Doom Patrol, I went after back issues of MY GREATEST ADVENTURES and went nuts for them.


Rod Keith: We decided to focus on our love of the Doom Patrol and create the original Beast Boy.  Gar Logan was an orphaned child who had a rare condition: he could shape shift in to any animal form, but he was lime green.

Deane: That’s not something you’re gonna grow out of, Buttercup.

Rod Keith: No.  He was also under the care of his mean Guardian, Galtry.  Gar sneaks out to join the Doom Patrol and tries to get them to help expose Galtry as an embezzler.

Deane: In order to ensure that Galtry doesn’t recognize Gar, he wears a ski mask…

Rod Keith: … purple ski mask…

Deane: …because how many shape shifting kids are there? “Whoops, couldn’t be my shapeshifting kid: he’s green and that boy is wearing a purple ski mask.”

Rod Keith: We love writer Arnold Drake.  My greatest contribution to this project was Mary Marvel.

Deane: Preach!

Rod Keith: I love the Mary Marvel head. Not for Mary Marvel, of course. I used it for Wing a while back and always thought it would be a good fit for Gar too.


Deane: You sent me a picture and I knew immediately I had to use it.  The proportions were spot on.  In reading the early Beast Boy issues, I saw that he varied in his look.  It was almost like the colorist or the artist couldn’t keep Beast Boy straight.  In his first appearance, Beast Boy didn’t wear a full mask: you could see some green skin.



Rod Keith: A-ha! Caught green handed!  But wait, there’s more! Gar grows up –a little– to join the New Teen Titans:


Same Mary head base for consistency:

And for extra fun, because Gar sometimes went maskless in the DP– my favourite thing, switchable heads:

So you can have this:

(Mattel-style compromise: there’s still some purple visible on the SA version’s neck, because unlike the NTT costume, the neckline stayed lower. Doesn’t matter as the masked version will be staying with the DP anyway, but this was just some extra fun.)

In any event, this completes the NTT core team (though Starfire still needs a re-do)…

Deane:  And I love your Kid Flash re-do.  Rod, you tore this challenge up.  That Changeling is perfect as well.

Rod Keith: Thanks!  I think at this point, we have a mission: a special purpose in life.  A message to tell MATTEL.

Deane:  You mean?

Rod Keith: Yup: We’re finishing the Doom Patrol.


Deane: Cool!  See you Thursday!

Rod Keith: You got it.

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