Kitbash Corner: The Devil And Xander Martin

legendEvery artist no matter what their medium has one piece that drives them a little… insane.  For me this may have been it as I was utterly consumed by Darkness.  Between late nights, and the plotting, down to the execution and the dizzying side effects my little yellow friend.  For those who’ve never seen it Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985) is a fairy tale of sorts with a bevy of mythical beings both good and evil.  It stars a young Tom Cruise as the film’s protagonist, but all the more interesting is the film’s demonic villain The Lord Of Darkness played by the amazing Tim Curry.

darkness 7
To be fair the amazing head sculpt as well as the hands and hooves were purchased from another artist as a kit on a toy forum.  All that was left to do was attach everything to body and do the little details; cape, belt, fur.  While there are a handful of muscular bodies readily available on the 1/6 market none them really work for Darkness as-is.  That is to say they’re all too human looking unlike the otherworldly prosthetic Tim Curry wore in the film. So I knew right away that the torso would have to be entirely re-sculpted.  It went through several iterations before I was finally happy with the direction it was going.

darkness 8darkness 3darkness 4
Luckily the the torso and waist were connected by a fairly simple ball/socket joint that popped apart easily so I could work on each as a separate piece.  Included in the kit were a pair of furred legs intended to be the pastern if you look at as goat anatomy.  Darkness is really just a giant faun.  In order to make for a stable connection between the lower leg of the stock body and the resin legs I drilled a hole into each and used a pair of metal coat hangers to secure them.  This would also head maintain a steady foundation for the eventual weight of the upper body.  He actually stood fine on his own before those damn horns came into play.

darkness 5darkness 9darkness 6Once the legs were set I used faux craft fur to make him a set of “fur pants’ that would still allow the full range of motion in the knees and hips.  The fur was trimmed and matted with watered down acrylic.  Eventually I decided against the transition from realistic fur to sculpted fur carefully shaving down the resin legs and covering them with the remaining fur.
054After that it was paint, paint, paint before it finally came time to assemble everything together and finish off the rest of the costume details.  The gilded cod piece was sculpted from scratch whereas the “pants” were actually pants I found in the parts tub.  Hasbro Star Wars I think.  Every reference shot I could find for the belt only seemed to contradict another so in the end I just threw everything I had into it.  Its a mess of hemp chord, elastic, ribbon, and finally a dozen or so varieties of craft beads.  I think it rounds him out nicely though.


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3 responses to “Kitbash Corner: The Devil And Xander Martin

  1. Edgar

    donde conseguiste las piezas?
    me puedes conseguir el contacto de quien te las vendio?

  2. Edgar

    where you got the parts?
    you can get me contact whoever sold you the?

  3. Chris Deal

    Hey there! Amazing darkness figure! I’m interested in making my own, can you get me in touch with someone who can get me a copy of the head and horns? My email is whatever info you can get me is great.thanks!

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