Kitbash Corner: Fright Night


I think I’ve stated before that the idea to start making Rogues came from an idea I had for a Scarecrow from what would’ve been Batman 5 had Batman And Robin not been a bomb.  It was very Burton influenced by design.  And that was good and well, but it wasn’t really mine. It wasn’t the Scarecrow I wanted on my shelf.  I guess it goes without saying that I like things the way I like them.

Originally I had sculpted a head for him with a burlap texture and wire threads for the smile.  However the more I thought about how I wanted to do the hat and hair I realized it would look much better if it were all cloth with a face underneath.

The shirt and pants were bleached/dyed from stuff I had in the parts tub and before being re-tailored to fit the super skinny body  wanted to have him on.  The hood and hat were stitched together from scratch.  A couple patches and some tattered rope rounds out the rest of the costume.

045Lastly the hands were generic bare hands.  I re-shaped the fingers using sewing pins and hot water, and then sculpted the pointy fingertips.  Similar the feet are scupted from scratch to accommodate the look I wanted.  In retrospect I think I should’ve cast them in the off chance I decide to make Ragman.  Rags would be amazing in 1/6 scale.



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