My Greatest Creations


This site is where we show and tell about our creations. Saturday marked an anniversary for one of my longest projects. I’ve been working on this one for 18 years and the law says I’m done but the truth is we don’t ever really stop. My son turned 18 and I had to take the opportunity to talk about him and his sister.


They were really never any trouble to raise–never a call from a teacher, administrator, or other parents unless it was praise. We heard it all the time–your kids are so polite, so respectful, so well-behaved, they are welcome here any time. I gave them two rules growing up: I have to know where you are, and you can’t get into more trouble than I can get you out of. The first one is self-explanatory; I told them there are only two places you can be–where I know where you are, and everywhere else. Only the first one is acceptable.

suit cracker

The second rule I have taken a lot of grief over. “Isn’t that giving your kids a blank check?” Just the opposite. I put the responsibility for their behavior on them. If I had to get a phone call from some authority, they were in that trouble and whatever would happen at home. It worked. They are both pathologically opposed to tobacco and Austin has no interest in alcohol (an attitude that owes a lot to his girlfriend, too.) He is looking at starting college in the fall and pursuing his music career. He tells me he doesn’t see music and school as Plan A/Plan B; he can’t imagine stopping either one. That couldn’t please me more. He wants to go to school to do something he likes and he is a gifted songwriter and a natural talent. Nothing would thrill me more than to see him play for a living instead of work. At the ripe old age of 46, I have determined that it’s better to be happy than rich or famous. If you happen to become one or both of the latter, great. If you can achieve the first, the rest don’t matter.

color gtr

Lex just celebrated her first anniversary and is returning to school in the spring for her teaching degree. She works with me now and I get to see her every day. I have told her over and over this is a good first job and a good last job, but don’t let it be your only job. She isn’t.

lex kiss

Okay, so this has been a proud dad bragging on his kids. I implore any parents reading this to do the same–see the greatness in your kids and let them know you see it. I hug and kiss my kids every day and let them know I love them. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Deane Aikins

    Bravo, pard!

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