Kitbash Corner: Lunatic Fringe

“I set the trap, and you sprang it gloriously!”


I find this one fitting with Arkham Origins debuting this weekend.  Although his look in that game is significantly different from the previous two which this figure is based on.
The premise to the original Arkham Asylum video game is Joker has tricked Bats into delivering him to the asylum on Arkham Island only to discover that Harley Quinn has thrown the switch and the inmates are running amok.  A night of hijinks ensues.  Most of the usual suspects are present from Scarecrow, to Ivy, to Killer Croc, and even Bane.  But of course it wouldn’t be a party without the Main Man… and no I don’t mean Lobo.


The bulk of this figure comes from an unlicensed version of the Joker dubbed simply: “A Clown”.  The tailoring was top notch; however, it was made for a body that was too big for Mr. J.   I took in the sleeves and the waist on the pants to better accommodate the slimmer-framed body I had for him.   Next the shirt which originally came a dark orange had to be bleached and dyed a nice bright canary yellow.

Lastly the head.  Yeesh that head….   As though the horrible paint scheme wasn’t enough the head lacked in any real emotion.  Apart from the grey skin he more resembled one of Joker’s victims with that wide-eyed stare and grin than actual Clown Prince of Crime.  So under the knife he went for some re-sculpt work.  The cheek bones have been built up and his nose and chin extended for a more sinister look.  Finally the jester’s cap “points” of his hair were lengthened and everything got a repaint.

Topped the whole thing  off with a bit of weathering, a little blood, and a scratch-made pistol.  Admittedly still not my definitive Joker, but he’ll stand proud with the other Rogues for now until I get around to a classic version.




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