VOTE on the weird, strange figures of Prof. Hugo Strange

The Mad Scientist is a pulp villain arch type.  Notable mad scientists include Dr. Frankenstein, Prof Moriarty, and Lex Luthor.

Probably not Professor Hugo Strange.


Designed to be Batman’s “Moriarty”, he threatened Gotham with a Lightning Machine and later mutated vagrants into Monster Men.


Hugo was not really a … physical man.  His twisted mind was meant to provide the challenge for the Dark Knight.  Ultimately, the bald, bespectacled, man in the formal suit was probably the least visually intimidating villain Bat-Man fought and so he was left…

…until the mid Seventies.  When he became a practicing physician who treated a radiation-poisoned Batman:


The now Dr. Strange (I’m sure the lawyers loved it) decided to sell Batman’s identity to the highest bidder and found out just what a fun crowd Gotham has.  Still, our bald and bespectacled physician more a lab coat and a brown suit.  Not very visually engaging.  Perhaps he could have survived if he only wore a cape…


Yup.  Someone at DC must have thought so too, because ten years later Hugo Strange is now a PSYCHIATRIST who likes to lift big and is obsessed with Batman.  Most of his patients refused to comment when Hugo wore his costume to session,  if they knew what was good for them.

This time, Hugo wasn’t killed and they made a toy of him as a reward:


Now, Professor Strange is a physical specimen, so much so that DC included an interchangeable Batman head with the figure.  But he really didn’t walk around in a Bat-Suit all the time.  It’s not really what he looked like.

For our Atomic Upgrade, we wanted to make a Professor Strange that reflected the character: a creepy little fucker in a suit.  Instead of going 40’s formal wear or 70’s suit, we struck a balance with a dinner jacket:


The black and blue color scheme was taken from a WHO’S WHO entry from DC COMICS in the 80’s and it works as a toy.  It gives him a little eccentricity and a better primary color base.  We loved the original head sculpt and popped it off that Batman body to discover he HAD NO NECK.  Honest-to-god, as we pondered sculpting a neck, we plopped it onto the body and called it a day: that hunched over look works for the Mad Scientist.

 Did we do right?  Is this an Atomic improvement or did we Wander off track (c’mon, it’s a week before Hallowe’en and I’m jonesing for sugar)?  Vote in our awesome poll and let us know!




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3 responses to “VOTE on the weird, strange figures of Prof. Hugo Strange

  1. Rod Miller

    I had a love-hate relationship with Bat-Strange. I sort of liked that he finally had something like a costume, but the reasoning–that he was trying to get inside Bruce’s neurosis and assumed the Bat-cape because of it–didn’t really work. I prefer the very Golden Age suited-creepo look. He could have been played by numerous distinguished actors: Eli Wallach, Max Von Sydow, Christopher Lee, Frederic March…Vincent Price.

    • Deane Aikins

      Agreed. Plus also: most Psychiatrists are not wearing a costume of you to prescribe you pills.

      In the ARKHAM video games, they have him more a laboratory mad scientist look.

  2. Augusto

    i got Hugo Strange with batman suit, an amazine figure. I wanna buy Arkham version, is the best figure of Hugo in my opinion.

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