The Abysmal Brutes Podcast: Top 3 Pop Culture Creators of 2012


The Abysmal Brutes look back on 2012 and lobby for their top three creators of the year. Bill lands the first blow with a subtle monkey wrench tap below the belt. Rob counters by calling Quentin Tarantino a thief which worries Bill that Mr. Tarantino will overhear and not invite him to a Playboy Mansion party. Bill parries and brings up a Charlton Heston film whose title confounds the boys.* Rob wonders if George RR Martin’s “A Dance with Dragons” is a medieval version of “You Got Served”. And Bill confesses he cried during the summer blockbuster The Avengers. All this and more!

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* Touch of Evil(1958) directed by Orson Welles. Duh!

Music: “Whites of Your Eyes” Clabbergirl

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