Kitbash Corner: What A Croc

Batman has always had the more interesting Rogues Gallery. I’m a little biased of course, but I stand by that statement. His foes are much created through circumstance much like Batman was himself. Some are driven by obsessive compulsions, others a deranged split personality disorder. Then there are those who are deformed be it through nature, or a freak accident, or both. There’s a psychology to Batman’s rogues. They’re traumatized, maniacal, and blatantly homicidal. I love them all. Well, most anyhow.


And then one night I had a vision of a world without Batman. Of course, it wasn’t so much a vision as it was the state of my collection at the time. No Batman. Not in 1/6 at least. It started one night with a rough sketch of what a Tim Burton Scarecrow might have looked like. Love him or hate him the Scarecrow seems right up Burton’s alley. But then I got to thinking why not make the Rogues I want the way I want them while I waited for the perfect Batman…. Or at least the parts to make him.

Originally Croc wasn’t the first one I decided to tackle he just came to being faster. Admittedly all the hard parts (heads, hands, and lower legs/feet) came as a kit. Therefore, all I really had to do was acquire the proper body and modify it to fit the parts so it all looked flush. Apart from the neckline I also built up the elbows and added shoulder plates to broaden him up a bit more before giving the whole thing one of the more fun paint jobs in my time as toymaker. His tattered pants were from the parts tub. I weathered them with a little paint and some sandpaper.018


011 012

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