Grendel: God and the (custom) Devil

Occasionally, I ask folks “What’s the one character that you wish they made an action figure of?”

The answers are telling.

Some people have their answer straight up: they have THAT ONE character they’ve been waiting YEARS for a toy company to make.  Others roll out the list (which breaks the rule, by the way.  Only one.)  For some, it takes a while to juggle the disbelief that maybe that figure really is about to show up and deciding who they really want.

I only think one or two couldn’t answer.

For Brian, the owner at DETROIT COMICS, he was pretty emphatic: Matt Wagner’s GRENDEL, as worn by the character Eppy Thatcher:


Now, I have only read the very first chapters of the book, and the GRENDEL BATMAN cross-over, so I needed to do some digging.  Mr Wagner put out a series of statues over his career, so this helped:


Armed with these two pictures, I grabbed a DCUC Creeper, sanded down the body details, yanked off the carpet backpack and head, and sculpted those long foot trails.  A fast coat of matte black and a roll of white pin stripping tape finished off the body.

I then cast a DCUC Starman resin head and a DC Direct Superwoman hood.  I extended the back of the hood to trail off like the illustration and filled in the few details of a face on the Starman head.

Capes are always tricky for me.  They need to look good, handle paint, be done quickly, and not cost a lot.  The solution for Eppy Thatcher was to go dig up a DCUC Nekron (?) pelvis and skirt.  The skirt was very ragged, just like Grendel’s cape.


In the above picture, you can see how it was coming together: the hood would need a little sculpting to adapt to the Creeper neck and Starman head.  The Nekron skirt would wrap around the figure.  I would have to sculpt the cape around the neck and shoulders, plus blend it to the plastic.

After a little bit of mess with epoxying the cape to the back and arms of the figure, I think we got the job done.  The staff was made from a dowel, with metal foil forks.


Eppy Thatcher Grendel is now proudly perched above the cash register at DETROIT COMICS.  Stop by and see evil up close.

How can you have a Hallowe’en Custom FIgure Countdown of Evil without the Devil?

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