The Ra’s al Ghul Batman Sandbox Playset … of Topless EVIL

The last best Batman Super Villain was created in 1971.

Topless, apparently.


Ra’s al Ghul, The Demon’s Head, was an international crime lord bent on the destruction of the industrialized world.  He also has a hot daughter, Talia, for whom he seeks the perfect son-in-law to take over his work.  Not screwing around,  he goes after Batman as both his likeliest greatest nemesis and suitor for his daughter.

Robin has been shot and kidnapped.  Batman must hunt down his captor and is approached by Ra’s, who indicates Talia has been likewise captured.  Together, they span the globe and when Batman figures out the plot, he battles Ra’s in a sword fight the Sahara.



It has pathos.  It has the weight of a LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.


It has betrayal.  And possibly the best exclamation of all Bat-dom:


By the gods, indeed.

Clearly knowing what side of the beach their customer fan base resides, DC DIRECT made their Ra’s al Ghul figure NOT in his traditional green suit and cape, but….



Well played, DC DIRECT.  By putting topless Ra’s on the toy market, you ensured I would be able to buy him, years later, for about $1.50.  Why would I do that, you ask?  Because DC DIRECT had the right idea.  They just didn’t go far enough with the evil.


This is how you get Mom to buy Junior topless action figures of evil: You make a sandbox playset.  Of Topless.  Evil.


Well, maybe it would sell better if we made Talia to go in as a Three-pack.

Christmas is coming.


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4 responses to “The Ra’s al Ghul Batman Sandbox Playset … of Topless EVIL

  1. My mom bought me a whole lot of Masters Of The Universe figures, and none of those dudes wore shirts. Just hairy underpants.

  2. Deane Aikins

    And they sold like the topless hotcakes they were.

    I think I have a hair underpants Batman around here somewhere…

  3. Xander Martin

    I dig that you actually added body hair to Bats!

    Always thought Ra’s was the best Batman villain although I admit I never knew about him before the Animated Series. The Demon’s Head 2-parter blows all those new DC animated movies out of the water.

  4. Deane Aikins

    Batman puts Tom Selleck to shame.

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