How do you define wealth?

We live in a society that pushes the idea that in order to be happy you have to have everything. TV is full of reality shows featuring the newest famous, who never really did anything of note to be famous to begin with, showing off a lavish life style with fancy cars, fake friends, and unreal vacation spots. We are being programmed to believe that is what true happiness is, that is how you become wealthy.

This summer I have spent every weekend hanging out with the family my wife and I have built out of the friends we have been lucky enough to come across. We never spend too much money, and we always have an amazing time. We sit outside of our modest houses, drinking beer, eating cheap meats, and just loving being around each other. We laugh together, we support each other when we are down, and we love each other with everything we are.

And I say to you we are the wealthiest people in the world.

Wealth is not measured by a bank account, wealth is not measured by the things you have, true honest to goodness, genuine wealth is measured by the people you have in your life, by the love, experiences and laughs that you share.

I implore each and everyone of  you to think about that.  Take a walk in the sun, feel the breeze on your skin, talk and laugh with your friends, have a BBQ that cost 20 dollars by buying hot dogs and buns, enjoy the real fruits of life, each other and the moments you share. Because that’s all life really is, a series of moments that you can never recapture.

When I lay on my bed for that final sleep, I will lay down with the memories of the lifetime of love and happiness I shared with my friends, who are truly the family I have found along the way. I will know that I spent my time here on this Earth the best way I could, with others and sharing happiness with them.

Life is meant to be shared with others, so share it. Enjoy the company of others, even if they are strangers, strike up a conversation with that person sitting at the table across from you in the coffee shop,  ask the person standing next to you in line at the grocery store how their day is, call you cousin or brother, or sister or parent you haven’t spoken to in a while just to tell them you are thinking about them, Live, and become rich in the only thing that really matters, people and experiences.  Because in the end, memories are all you have to take with you.


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2 responses to “How do you define wealth?

  1. Deane Aikins

    Thank you.

  2. if a man can be judged by the quality of his friends, then I am a great man indeed.

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