Kitbash Corner: 1. 2. Freddy Custom For You….


Around the time I turned four years old my family moved from New City (NY) to a suburb of Atlanta (GA). At the time we only had the one car which my Dad drove to work everyday eight days a week. So for that first Summer it was merely my mother, my older brother, and myself home all the time. In retrospect I imagine cabin fever set in pretty quick for my Mom as every day or so we’d walk from our apartment down the hill and across a lazy street to a beat-up plaza home to a Big Star, an Eckerd, and a small mom & pop video store.

It was there that I met him. I was four, but somehow I knew of him without knowing about him. In truth it was just a cardboard cutout standing outside the door, but I was terrified of that paper, and yet intrigued. From the blistered skin, to the glove, and that unmistakable striped sweater the imagery was fascinating.  I was the ape man and he the monolith. He was Freddy Kruger. The stuff of Nightmares.

Freddy sneak peek (3)

It would be some time before I actually saw any of these so-called slasher flicks.  That was my first flirtation with Horror, not counting the clown scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. No one likes clowns.  But we’ll get to that later.

ssc freddy

Freddy here started out a as Sideshow Collectibles Freddy Kruger. I 86ed the Sideshow clothing in favor of more accurate duds.  The pants and boots came from the parts tub while the sweater was another matter. It originally came grey.  I bleached it which turned it orange and then dyed it red.

sweaterIts been weathered and striped using acrylic paint and a lighter.  Although the original A Nightmare On Elm Street is the only movie of the franchise I can really stand I find the striped arms to be the more iconic look for Freddy versus the plain red arms in that film.  Once the outfit was finished I modified the hands to fit the new body and repainted everything.





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2 responses to “Kitbash Corner: 1. 2. Freddy Custom For You….

  1. Mirthquake

    That is solid work. Sweater looks SO much better.

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