Fine Vintage: The Lost Wave….

Tonight we’re taking a look back at toys from 1980s.
Back when the shelves at Toys R Us seemed to extend for miles and stood just as high with a bevy of bold colors and assorted characters each vying for your attention, and your allowance.  We were Jedi, and Joes, and ultimately Masters of a thousand Universes, and we waged wars in the sandboxes and on the bedroom floors all over the world.  Tonight we’re going to brush the dust off those long lost heroes in a segment I like to call:
Fine Vintage.

The wave that never was….  It goes without saying that Kenner rushed their Star Wars line into production once the movie was a bonafide success.  And even so they still didn’t have product on the shelf until early 1978 which ultimately only left them two years to play with the characters from the original film before their attention turned to Empire.  Tonight is sort of a “What If” of sorts consisting of a few figures from the Original Star Wars that sadly never were brought to life in plastic form.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Governor Tarkin

Tarkin was sorely missing from the original Vintage collection.  He’s really the THE bad guy in A New Hope.  He’s in charge of even Darth Vader.  Whether it was a matter of likeness rights or overall kid appeal in 1977 we’ll never know.  That said, Tarkin was set to be released as part of the line’s continuation post-1985.

The figure here started out as an Imperial Officer with a modified head from a GI Joe (Blizzard) figure.  Simple but effective.  Sometimes those are the best ones.




Not to be confused with Garindan which is his established “Expanded Universe” name.  Much like Walrusman and Hammerhead most of the aliens from Mos Eisley we’re merely nicknamed for the Kenner run.

The Imperial snitch is a re-tooled General Madine with a newly sculpted head, and a Jedi Luke cloak that’s been dyed black. While he never carried a weapon in the film the standard Imperial blaster seemed fitting.

Imperial Stormtrooper (Tatooine Battle Gear)

Last but not least you can’t leave out the Sandtrooper.  Kenner went so far as to make the Dewback, but never did a proper rider materialize on the pegs.  In true nerd fashion the army builder in me couldn’t have just one so I made a pair using a couple yellowed, beaten up Stormtroopers.  The additional sculpting and repaint work are as identical as possible to maintain the fact that they are supposed to be two of the same figure.  I chose the orange pauldron as that seemed to be the more iconic look.




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