Kitbash Corner: The Dark Knight Returns

kitbash v. The practice of modifying a model (not limited to toy action figures) to achieve some result other than that intended by the manufacturer.

Urban Dictionary

It goes without saying that every generation has their own Batman; be it in the comics, or on television, or in film. In fact its hard to imagine any literary character that’s been re-envisioned more. But tonight isn’t about the Crisis of Infinite Batmen, but rather one very specific, and very polarizing, iteration of the Caped Crusader. So forget everything you know about cell phones, reality TV, and social media. Get in the Delorean and punch it to eighty-eight. We’re going back in time to 1985….


Its the last gasp of the Cold War. Ronald Reagan is President and waving the Last Son of Krypton around like a kid with a toy gun. Meanwhile in Gotham… Batman is old. He’s retired. But some thing draws the demon back out into the night, and the knight shall not be ignored. This is after all Frank Miller’s:

The Dark Knight Returns



From the get-go this was one of those pet projects that sort of took on a life of its own. DKR Bats is behemoth to say the least, and as an avid 1/6 scale collector I needed him to be in scale.  The project started with the DC Direct 13” Batman from several years back and a 12” Wrestler figure that towered over everything else in that scale. From there it only continued to evolve. The original emblem was stripped off and the bloated bat signal of Miller’s Dark Knight was painted on for a silk-screened appearance. The belt, Batarang, and cape were made from scratch while the heads were purchased from a fellow customizer/sculptor. Even as I type this this he finds himself back on the workbench as is always the case these types of things are never truly finished, but one thing is for certain: He needs a partner…

dkr batss


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5 responses to “Kitbash Corner: The Dark Knight Returns

  1. The tiny garbage can is a nice touch.

  2. Xander Martin

    I think that was a pen/pencil holder believe it or not.

  3. Deane Aikins

    Thoughts about the Mutant Leader or Joker?

    I liked Millers version of Superman… Maybe I’m the only one.

  4. Xander Martin

    Seriously considering the Mutant Leader and one of the Sons Of Batman. Joker not so much as I just don’t find him all that visually interesting in DKR.

    Supes is a maybe now that I’m working on the armored version of Bats.

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