Bop City On Stage


All of you are aware of this project. I’ve put well over 15 years into it and don’t see an end in sight, but I do see some finished products. Here are lyrics for three songs from the stageplay version. My son and I have worked out some chords and melody for the first one, intended as a U2 Achtung, Baby-era ballad. The second is a standard rockabilly raver, the last is very, very strange for me, not at all the kind of thing I’d usually write.


I was a canvas
Pure and untouched
Blank but beautiful
Then you came
And your kaleidoscope
Moved across me
It was a perfect portrait
of you

I was silence
Quiet and unforced
Mute with meaning
Then you spoke
And the serenade began
All I could hear
Was a rhythmic refrain
from you

It always happens
It’s always been this way
Nothing is created
that doesn’t destroy its equal first
And now I wonder
If it’s love that we’re making
What are we destroying that’s worse

I was a tree
Tall and mighty
Chill in isolation
Then you came
With incineration
And I gave heat
To the frozen forest
for you

Bop City

Well I told my babe we’re going out tonight
I put my peg pants on and piled my hair up right
I told that gal she better look real pretty
Cause we’ll blow their minds when we get to Bop City

We’re gonna get in my Lincoln it’s a real gone ride
Say there ain’t no squares ever get inside
If you can’t dig the bop, then brother that’s a pity
Cause it’s only crazy cats way out in Bop City

Well we flip and dip beat our feet on the floor
That guitar man wails till his fingers get sore
Ev’ry crazy cool cat cozy up to your kitty
Cause we jump all night way down in Bop City

Now boys you ought to see me pull up at the gate
I’m greased up from my hair to my license plate
They got T-birds & Stoodies & Lincolns & Caddies
Ya gotta ride in style to get down to Bop City

Well we flip and dip beat our feet on the floor
That sax man blows till there ain’t no more
Ev’ry crazy cool cat cozy up to your kitty
Cause we jump all night way down in Bop City

Y’know I rock my kitten all over the hall
Nothin she likes better than a teenage ball
When it’s time to go home she says now look here buddy
I’m gonna rock all night right here in Bop City

Well we flip and dip beat our feet on the floor
That drummer man pounds like the Devil’s at the door
Ev’ry knocked-out cat cozy up to your kitty
Cause we jump all night way down in Bop City

(boy band verses)

I told my girl we’re going out tonight
Put on my leather and my Tommys are tight
I know that little girl will look so pretty
That we’ll raise the roof when we get to Bop City

Picked up in our limo, chauffeur lets us inside
It’s a dual-cooled, LOX, luxury ride
We’re headed for the music, and it’s sure to be gritty
Because everyone’s the man when you get to Bop City

(rap break)
Well we jump and thump and roll like Dik Swagger
Got the bassline growlin so it makes you stagger
A guitar’s enforcin like my man Frank Nitti
And the whole house raves all night in Bop City

I Don’t Mind the Rain

(piano intro)
Some people say it makes them lonely
Some people say it makes them blue
Some people say it just reminds them
Of things they did but can no longer do
Some people say it drives them crazy
Others say it helps to keep them sane
All I know is it never does disturb me
Good or bad I don’t mind the rain

Sometimes it’s just a gentle sprinkle
Sometimes it’s like the fist of God
Showers down to wash away the mem’ries
Or hammers off a few feet from Cape Cod
It can be a mist you barely notice
Or a storm to wreck the ships at sea
All it does whenever skies cloud over
Is remind me of the space between you and me

Whenever clouds are black and threatening
And thunder drowns the sound of my tears at night
I think about the times we spent together
Wonder if it ever will be all right
But the water falling like God’s tears, now
Droplets streaming from the sky’s gray face
Only there to tell me not to worry
‘Cause I know you’re in a better place

So I know that when the sun emerges
And a rainbow arcs across the sky
When the light comes streaming through my window
Falling on the pictures left behind
I don’t care about the flooded farmland
I don’t care about swimmers to be saved
All I know is rain will feed the flowers
Growing ‘round the stone upon your grave


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4 responses to “Bop City On Stage

  1. Deane Aikins

    And your son has the arrangements for (some of/ all of) these?

  2. Rod Miller

    Working on these and others. Burn we worked out, I sang a melody, he wrote parts. That was really cool, because I was improvising the end as he played. Between him, his band, and his girlfriend (because there are some pretty complicated girls’ songs), I think we can get this together.

  3. Joseph F. Berenato

    I’d love to actually hear these, m’man.

  4. I’m working on him, trying to get an hour a week or so. My dream: get the thing produced on stage and he would tour in it.

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