Jack Kirby and the CrazySexyCool of a flying Porsche

It’s 1965 and Sean Connery has shown the world how to seduce Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  On this side of the pond, MARVEL COMICS decides it needs a super spy, too.

Hello Nick Fury.

Stan “The Man” Lee dusted off his old WWII icon, gave him an eye patch, and brought him in for the Cold War.  The CIA was hiring, but what does a G-Man drive?

Hello Jack Kirby

The story goes that legendary artist “King” Kirby wanted something sleek and exotic for Fury’s flying car, so his son handed him a ROAD & DRIVER with a new racing Porsche 904 (EDITOR- not the 910.  Who let HYDRA edit this thing?)

Eventually, Jack ditched the yellow.

We approve.


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8 responses to “Jack Kirby and the CrazySexyCool of a flying Porsche

  1. This is top shelf stuff. Let’s see if the people behind the upcoming TV show can cook like this.

    I have that SHIELD first appearance Strange Tales, picked it up for 20 bucks about a year ago. It’s a buyer’s market right now, folks.

  2. Deane Aikins

    Ugh. I’m taking better pictures for this.

    Not to be outdone, when STERANKO took over the book, he gave Nick a Ferrari 330/P4 Berlinetta. It could change colors, turn invisible, and had rockets.

    When I met STERANKO, he challenged me to make a model of it invisible.

    … ? …

    I was thinking black, with the ability to retract the wheel turbines.

  3. Joseph F. Berenato

    I was going to suggest clear resin also, but a picture of just the base sounds like something Mr. S. would appreciate.

  4. Deane Aikins

    Was this in the TV show?

  5. Deane Aikins

    Alright, now I gotta watch the show, just for the car!

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